For Students

Student Resources

Here’s where you can find a variety of resources that will not only help you in my courses or history courses in general (like a quick link to a Chicago-Style citation guide!) but also to help navigate college more broadly. Need writing help? Not sure what office hours are? Curious about resources that can help you succeed in my courses and beyond? Look here.

Citation Help

Chicago citations got you down? The Purdue OWL can help, They have explanations and examples of footnote and bibliography citations.

Writing Help

UofM’s Sweetland Center for Writing offers writing help for students including writing workshops and individual consultations.

Multilingual Writing Support

UofM offers support tailored specifically for multilingual or international writers, including courses, writing labs, workshops, and more.

Meet with me!
Drop in during the hours in the syllabus or sign up for a specific time here:

What are office hours for?

Are you unsure if you need office hours? Afraid of “wasting” my time? Here’s the truth: office hours aren’t just for students needing help with the class.

Office hours are a chance to talk about your concerns or questions about the course and materials, sure, but it’s also an opportunity to talk about, really, anything. Office hours are about creating a space for us to talk about all kinds of things, like: if you are thinking about majoring in history, interesting professional or academic opportunities you might have, a youtube video or podcast relevant to our course, my own research interests and academic path, if you’re interested in grad school or other higher-ed career paths, or even your very cute animal companion (kittens especially).

Office hours do not mean that you are in trouble or that you are doing poorly in our class.

Here is an NPR article about how to make office hours less scary, or you can take a moment to watch a humorous youtube video from Arizona State University highlighting the benefits of office hours below:

Mental Health

Mental health is important for everyone, and often impacts our day-to-day lives, including our ability to focus on classes and school work. If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed, depressed, or in need of support, the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) program at UofM can help.

Other Resources

Sexual violence can undermine academic and personal success. I encourage anyone dealing with sexual misconduct to seek out confidential support at UofM. For confidential support, contact the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center (SAPAC) on their 24-hour crisis line, (734) 936-3333. Violations can be non-confidentially reported to the Office for Institutional Equity (OIE) at Reports to law enforcement can be made to UMPD at 734-763-3434.